Behold the voice of Ackbar!

"It's a trap!" 34.5kb atrap
"Move the fleet away from the Death Star" 11.6kb movefleet
"May the force be with us" 15.8kb force
"We saw it. All craft prepare to retreat." 23.7kb wesawit
"All craft, prepare to jump into hyperspace on my mark." Ackbar "Okay, stand by." Lando 54.7kb hyper
"The shield is down, commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor." 27.2kb shield
"We've got to give those fighters more time, concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer" 56.8kb moretime
"We have no choice General Calrissian! Our crusiers can't repel firepower of that magnatude!" 70.7kb repelfire

Many thanks to Boober's Star Wars Galaxy for supplying these sounds